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We are a full service Digital Media Agency that places your brand in front of the people that matter using Creative Storytelling through the use of Social Media, Chatbots, Voice, Apps, and Media Production.

Digital Media
We love making you money
Our clients see the highest return on investment using our tried and true strategies
Social Media Services
Creative and Paid Media are the two pillars of Advertising for businesses. Tie those together with community management and Engineering, and you have a clear cut social strategy that will set you apart from your competition and put you one step closer to the consumer.

We Offer a Full Range of Digital Media Services

Creative Storytelling
Video Production, Photography, Copywriting, and Graphics. These pillars of content creation make up a post or an Ad, but what's the actual story behind it? Let us craft a story for your brand.
The internet is your shop, it's time you tapped into all of the channels available to you because the world has already changed.
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Business Digital
We will engineer a solution to bring your business into the digital age. We will help you innovate for the now and keep your business winning in 2018 and beyond.
Paid Advertising
We drive real business results. Our focus is your ROI on your Ad spend. Since our creative is done all in house, we ensure your ad spend is used in the most effective way possible.
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Voice and Engineering
Websites, Chatbots, Custom Mobile and Web Apps, Voice enabled Skills, and integrating it all with your existing business solutions. You name it, we can build it.
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Influencer Marketing
Whether you are a top influencer looking for a new endorsement deal, or you are a brand looking to tap into social media through influencers, we can do it all. We pride ourselves in representing and securing endorsement deals for social media influencers.

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  • We make our clients real money
  • We understand human behavior
  • We work with any budget
  • We can prove your return on investment
  • We guarantee increased revenue
  • We are a one stop shop for every digital solution

Whats Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has evolved over the last decade. Not only is your target audience much larger than traditional marketing, but you can also track how your ads are performing up to the second. That means you can make adjustments without waiting to see if your published magazine ad is working on page 15. You also can track your Ads to see if they are actually working, not just estimate.

How we make you money

This is our process
We pinpoint exactly what it is you expect to see from our solutions
We take this objective and reverse engineer a solution
Our engineers build services around your business harvesting your current solutions, making your business operate smarter
We are constantly analyzing, ensuring that our solutions are working and adjusted if needed

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Happy Clients About Us

They want you to succeed just as much as they did
I just want to say I really appreciate you guys. You're an awesome and essential part of my organization and I can't thank you enough!
Sal "The Voice" Valentinetti
Sal "The Voice" Valentinetti
There wasn't one request that RJ Media couldn't fulfill for my client. They truly are a one stop shop for anything on the Internet.
Thomas Perniciaro
Talent Agent
Thomas Perniciaro
At first, I didn't believe that social media could be used to increase my revenue, but with the way you guys Advertise its no wonder my events are constantly sold out!
Matthew Sorrentino
Restaurant Owner
Matthew Sorrentino
RJ Media is a company you should not ignore. Working in the Music and Entertainment industry I have pushed artists toward them to spread awareness and build a following. It has paid ten fold on every level. If you want to build your brand RJ Media is who you need!
Rob Maffia
Bookings Agent , Music Industry

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