You’re creating a product for a service that you know the world desperately needs. You launch your product and its going great, you see tons of installs and analytics. All of the sudden, your starting to see a decrease in retention and canceled subscriptions. You start wondering why, and you open up the app store and see a competitor who you know has a product that isn’t as good as yours, but they have more subscribers than you. First of all, they have an App. That’s already an advantage. I’m not talking about a mobile friendly page, I’m talking about an App. There is a HUGE difference in a mobile app and a mobile friendly page. Anyway, you look at their screenshots and the app is clean, and it offers an Apple Watch app, iMessage App, and Apple TV app. Might not seem like a big deal because who’s going to really use those features. Well guess what, you just found the smaller picture that I’m talking about. These smaller pictures could make or break your bigger picture. As an app developer, I know exactly what those products can bring to a company of any size, and its absolutely game changing. You can have the best product in the world, but if your mobile experiences aren’t a prime focus of your distribution, you are guaranteed to fail. Think about what people would need, and then work your way backwards. If your making a social media management system, create an Apple TV app so that companies can display KPI and ROI on their company screens. Create an Apple Watch app that can display daily analytics daily. It’s these little things that can be the difference between a client using your service or moving on. In this day and age, its no longer building the best product that will get you to the top of the pile, you need to build the best Experiences for using those products. SnapChat and Instagram are perfect examples of this. Instagram stole features from SnapChat, but there are still active users on SnapChat because its more Convenient to use those features on that app than it is to use them on Instagram, regardless of user base. That’s the smaller picture here. The same is said for every app in the app store. It’s so congested that only the best experience are the ones that make it to the top.