A few months ago, two of the greatest software companies in the world hosted their annual software developer conference. You were so pumped to see what your phone could do next and couldn’t wait to use those new features that were just announced. When Apple or Google give their keynotes at these conferences, pay attention and figure out how to use those new features to build something new, something unique. Even if your not a software engineer, you should still pay attention. Most importantly, quickly incorporate these features into an idea. Speed is the difference between you and the best guys out there and just may put you in that position. Every time a new feature is announced, a new opportunity arises. It’s a fact that many people overlook and its happening at a scale that can be executed upon year after year, sometimes multiple times a year. This is a huge opportunity for potential entrepreneurs to put their minds to whatever they’ve been thinking about presenting to the world and execute with these new features.

One of Apples newest features, ARKit, in action

ARKit is a prime example of how game changing a new feature can be for a company or for a NEW company to arise. Its happening right in front of our eyes. New companies sprout like flowers due to these monumental changes. You don’t have to create a technologically advanced IP anymore to be put on the radar, you just need to leverage these existing technologies into your ground breaking idea and that in it itself can become your IP without starting from the ground up. By the time you try to create that technology, Apple and Google will catch up and their multi billion dollar invested IP could now just be leveraged upon for your idea. A lot of people think its game over for them if they had a killer idea and Snapchat or Instagram came out first. It doesn’t matter if they came out First, it matters if they are the best. You have a chance to make the best possible revision of that concept because you saw a feature was missing that you thought could be groundbreaking, and guess what, there might have been thousands of people out there who thought the same exact thing as you, but didn’t execute on it, or you executed FASTER. Conversation is not a new concept. Texting has already been out and if everyone who thought the game was over because every single mobile phone has the same feature as the other billion devices out there, then Snapchat and Facebook would have never existed. They made the conversation BETTER, thats all they did. Now its your turn to make something better that already exists.