Digital Marketing

Using digital marketing and paid advertising, the Long Island based restaurant was able to see an 800% return on their investment.


The right platform for the right eyes

The target audience for Sunday Brunch parties was not going to read Newspapers and watch TV commercials, they were going to hang out on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. That’s where we stepped in. First we needed content to provide the audience so that they could see what they were missing. Our in house Media Production team captured footage of the event. While at the event our Social division provided Snapchat Geofilters to entertain the guests. Once the footage was captured, we then started a campaign to not only gather attention, but also collect an audience of those interested, so that they become repeat customers, and also grab the attention of those who never visited the restaurant as well.


The results were beyond expectations.

Within two months, guests visiting the restaurant from Queens were 10x previous count. Two events were sold out, and we began to gather demographic data to analyze and provide the restaurant so that they could strategize the events better suited around the audience. This not only cut costs, but saved time as they got reviews almost immediately following the event. Customers knew exactly where to go when they were done, back to the source itself, Facebook.

The creative that led to a 800% return on investment


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