Creative Advertising.

The ultimate combination of advertising: Facebook with over 2 billion active users, geographic targeting, interest targeting, and Facebook Pixel for purchase tracking.

What We Do

They wanted to sell more tickets, so we sold out venues.

Interest targeting, geographic reach, and a platform with over 2 billion users. Thats the recipe for success. In this day and age, there is no reason to run advertisements that you cannot measure and analyze with immediate feedback.


Using Facebook Pixel, we are able to track purchases from Ad to Checkout, as well as view the customers journey and find out exactly where they left off if a purchase was abandoned. This allows us to budget correctly, saving the client money.

We create multiple geographic and interest targeting ad sets to allow the New York Bee Gees brand to be seen by multiple employer sources such as venues, casino’s, and event managers. We can use the data from the ad analytics to measure interests and coordinate with the agent to schedule shows.

Audio snippets, video splicing, post production. All of these allow us to be creative with Advertisements. A/B testing proves to be beneficial to the client as you can test multiple creatives for the advertisement without having to outsource to a design studio, cutting costs.


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