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A local pizzeria located on Long Island explores different channels of Digital Media through the use of Media Production, Alexa Skills, and Paid Marketing.

A family business

Family businesses have a small budget when it comes to Media Production, and we are empathetic to that. That’s why we provide high quality production and worked with the brand to ensure their needs were being met.


Web Design
Augmented Reality
Media Production
Creative Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Alexa Skills


Saverio’s Authentic Pizza Napoletana

The Scenario

They wanted to expand their digital presence.

As a local pizzeria, Saverio’s wanted to be unique. Their pizzas already were, but they wanted more, so we looked at other channels to drive revenue from.


Using a custom Alexa Skill, Saverio’s wanted their local customers to be able to order a pizza hands free.

Saverio’s wanted to document their journey to becoming one of the most unique pizzerias on Long Island. They needed a team that knew how to capture their story and market it correctly. Since both services are done in house, it was a no brainer to hire us.

Audio snippets, video splicing, post production. All of these allow us to be creative with Advertisements. A/B testing proves to be beneficial to the client as you can test multiple creatives for the advertisement without having to outsource to a design studio, cutting costs.

SMS Marketing opens up the door for your brand to become a more personable contact in your customers phone book. With weekly specials and coupon deals, there’s an opportunity to convert to a sale much higher than through email.

We wanted to create a unique experience to help organically grow the brand, while at the same time making it fun to interact with.

The Results

Vlog Series

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