388 Restaurant

Sunday Brunch Party

Case Study



We needed a way to navigate through all of the distractions that keep the target audience (21-40) entertained.



We came up with a creative way to take advantage of the phenomenon coined as FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out. By documenting a previous Brunch Party for our client, displaying it as an advertisement, and targeting using Interests and Radius, we were able to capture the eyes of people that would actually be interested in the event. This prevented wasted Ad Budget, saving the client a ton of money.

The Result of Our Work

The result was saving 95% of the clients Ad Budget on what they usually spend on traditional advertising, plus as an added bonus, the results were beyond their expectations.

  • 40% Increase in the next Brunch attendance, leading to a their first ever SOLD OUT event
  • New Diners, which resulted into new recurring diners.
  • New events were scheduled as a result of conversations started via social media.
90% Audience Relevancy
800% ROI

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