Voice, the next frontier

Those closest to the consumer, win.

What can an Alexa Skill do for your business?

The power to be the Voice of your Industry

Just like apps were when the App Store debuted, Alexa Skills are now. Take advantage of being one of the first skills in your industry and remove friction between you, and your target audience. The amount of branding a simple Alexa Skill could bring your business is more powerful than you can believe.

What is an Alexa Skill?

An Alexa Skill is an assistant that exists on an Amazon Echo device that allows you to connect with a brand in ways you never could before. With an Alexa Skill, you can ask questions and locate information without contacting the company or looking at a screen.


These are just a few use cases for an Alexa Skill. From basic information to ordering multiple pizza’s, the possibilities are truly endless.


Customer Service

Showcase your business and give potential customers information at their fingertips. When they're ready, present them with a lead form.

Music Artists


Give your fans the closest experience possible with upcoming events, tickets, merchandise, and music.


Customer Service

Menu items, ordering, and business information. Allow your customers to place orders without the need for a phone call.



Utilize Shopify? Why not make your chatbot smarter than the chatbot included. With our solutions, you can.



Workout routines, meal plans, and merchandise. Notify your subscribers when it's time to workout.

Industry Leader


Motivational and Inspirational quotes, business tips, the list is endless. Be the leader everyone looks up to and your brand will flourish.

Do people really use Alexa Skills?

Yes! In fact there are over 100 million Alexa Enabled devices in homes around the world.

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