Getting Started with Flash Briefings

With Flash Briefing, Alexa delivers news and content from popular broadcasters, local weather information, and more. Some providers have video flash briefings available to play along with the audio on compatible Echo devices.

That’s Amazon’s description of a Flash Briefing.

In truth, a Flash Briefing is a type of Alexa Skill. It’s a broadcast, but it doesn’t have to be the news, it can be your news. Anything that has to do with your business can be broadcasted to about 4 people at one time. The more important question is why would customers care about what’s going on in your business?


One of the most trackable features of a Flash Briefing. Think of it like the Call to Action of a Facebook Ad. It’s accessible on your customer’s phone during or after the Flash Briefing is played. Here’s how you set that up.

  1. Go to the App Store and search for Suono, or click here
  2. Once you register for an account, let’s create your first Flash Briefing!
  3. Click the gear on the upper right

4. Complete the fields, these are just simple setup questions about the Flash Briefing

5. Once that is done you can hit save all the way at the bottom, and even publish it directly to Amazon from this screen as well!

Now we are ready to record your first Flash Briefing

6. In the main screen, click on the plus icon at the bottom and you should get your recording screen. Lets break this down

Title: The title of the Flash Briefing, this will show up as the title in the Home Card on the Alexa App, shown below (on the right)

Date: The date you would like the briefing to go live, this should be 7 days before you want it to expire

Redirection Url: This is the spot where you would put the Call to Action. This could be a coupon, or a landing page for conversions.

Jingle: An introduction music snippet, just like on a podcast

Once you are ready just hit record

7. Once you are finished, you should see the screen below

8. You are now ready to publish your first Flash Briefing! Hit Upload

9. Almost there, let’s add your flash briefing to your Amazon Echo. Open the Alexa app.

10. Click the side menu on the upper left, then select Your Skills. Once in there, you will find your skill and just hit Enable.

11. Last step: Say to Alexa “Alexa, play my Flash Briefing”

I hope you found this guide helpful!

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