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How to get started with Alexa Flash Briefings

What exactly is a Flash Briefing? 

Well let me put it to you this way. It’s like a short podcast, except the whole house can hear it. So imagine John asks Alexa for his flash briefing episode to start his day off. Your Inspirational Quotes episode is now playing for anyone in the same room to hear. That could be an X number of people that now know who you are. They hear your jingle, your voice, your thoughts….your Brand.

How do I get started?

Ok, so you now have an overall view of what to expect as an audience, so how do you get started?

1.) First, you need to decide on your message, what is it exactly that you want to tell the world? Need some ideas?

  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Tips in your industry
  • Interviews
  • Weekly Specials
  • Music Track samples
  • Breaking News
  • Daily Blog Article
  • The list goes on…

2.) Once you have that, now it’s time to decide on how often you will actually update your content. As of the date of this original article (July 2018) you can choose between Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

3.) This is where the fun begins. Before third parties began creating solutions for this step, you had to be a developer. Not anymore. Now anyone can create a Flash Briefing with ZERO developer knowledge. There’s even an app out now that allows you to record right from your iPhone as well as Schedule your briefing as well.

4.) Now that you actually have a Flash Briefing, you need to market it. Even if you have millions of followers, you still have to market this for a new type of audience…Voice. This is different than just announcing that you will be starting a new platform with yet another feed, and images, and video. Your audience might not even own an Alexa. So what’s the best way to approach this? Bring them value. You need to make this content unique to other platforms. Now this doesn’t mean limit your material completely. This could be something people unlock after reading your social post, or this could be something that unlocks a social post. Matter of fact, using the briefing URL, the user can be directed back to a hidden blog post and you can use this for measuring your audience. This is a really neat strategy for not only measuring your audience, but also telling yourself if it’s worth it to consider audio for your audience. Not everybody is meant for this. If your a restaurant without a real passion for writing or just don’t have any stories to tell, then you can still use audio for weekly specials, or something that would give you a positive ROI.

This is the first post in a mini series dedicated to our journey in voice conversion with our clients. I plan to provide real world examples of how people are really using Voice to inspire their audience and I am hoping this will inspire you too. Stay tuned!

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