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The secret formula: How to use Alexa Skills to build up your brands’ reputation

Alexa, ask RJ Media for tips on posting to Facebook

Alexa Skills agency

A simple question such as the one above opens up the door for your brand to be regarded as an industry leader. Recently we released an Alexa Skill into the wild that didn’t take long to design, but can have a long lasting return on investment when it comes to our brand. Like your business, we have a target audience, and that’s other businesses. Usually, if you want to be regarded as an industry leader, or at least knowledgeable enough in your craft to be trusted as an advisor for your target audience, you need content, or proof, that your company is worth Investing into.

What better way than Voice?

Why is an Alexa Skill with information made by the same person on the other end of a phone call, any less credible than calling the company directly?

News flash: It’s Not

Information as quickly as possible

We thought to ourselves: It’s 2019, it shouldn’t take a lot of time for to obtain information like tips on social media from a simple Google search and read an article on it. The issue is, no one has time, even for something so small. That’s when YOU step in. The business that you want your clients to trust. Voice gives you an opportunity to make information more convenient for your target audience. Amazon is literally giving everybody a chance to become the industry leader in their niche. I mean, you have the content already, otherwise you wouldn’t have a successful business. All you need to do is execute.

How do I start?

Here’s a step by step process of what you should be thinking about:

  1. What information would actually be beneficial to my target audience? People are addicted to strategy tips in their industry.
  2. Are there questions that are frequently asked by my target audience? People are always looking for answers to questions they have, and they want them fast.
  3. Simple tasks that might be easy for you, might not come easy to others, so why not make a tutorial on it? People love 1,2,3 step by step guides.
  4. Take all of that information and start asking yourself: If I were a consumer, how would I ask that question?
  5. Last but not least, how would a business be able to utilize it from withintheir organization?

The last point I’d like to elaborate on. What exactly does this mean? For example: Mary is about to post a foodie image up on Instagram, but she noticed that yesterday’s post didn’t receive too many likes or comments, which makes her question whether or not she’s performing best practices with the platform. So as the voice engineer, I would think to myself, what would I ask Alexa? I would say something like “Alexa, tell RJ Media that I’m about to post on Instagram” and that would give me the quickest response, that would include optimal posting times, whether or not organic reach is still working as well, as well as best media practices. Maybe 3 lines of text total. Now, Mary has the answer that she was looking for, instantly, from a brand that she had less trust in the day before, all for 3 lines of text.

It’s that simple.

Try our Skill out to see for yourself how simple it is to pave the way to becoming an industry leader: Demo

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