Digital Branding

What is branding?

If we were to say “Google this” or “Let’s grab some Starbucks” in the year 1975 you would look at us like we’re crazy. There is no definition for Starbucks in the dictionary, although there is one for Google (bad example). The fact of the matter is, you know who they are because of how they Brand themselves.

It’s time for everyone to know who you are

01. Video

Branded Videos

It all starts with the look of your brand. If your videos are not consistent, how will anyone ever recognize you. You want your brand to be as recognizable as the Starbucks logo, and thats what your audience will see on your videos. Need a new logo? We handle that too.

02. Mobile Apps

Branded Apps

Give yourself a digital footprint on the device that nobody can take their hands off of. Become an icon on the screen of your customers or audience. The same icons that created billion dollar companies in the likes of Facebook and Instagram.

03. Alexa Skills

Branded Alexa Skill

The Amazon Echo is in millions of households. All ages ranging from kids to adults speak and ask questions, instantly receiving information in seconds. With a Jingle as unique as your brand, your audience will recognize you within seconds.