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Am I ready for a chatbot?

A brief on whether or not you should give your users the ultimate App, one that involves two way communication.

  • Are you a fitness influencer that can make workout routines in video form, as well as meal plans and merchandise?
  • Are you a keynote speaker with inspirational quotes that you create on a daily or weekly basis?
  • A business that constantly answers the same questions daily?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re ready for a chatbot. Think of a chatbot like a virtual YOU. A place for your followers to chat as if they were talking to you.

I have an app out already!

This might be the case for some of you. How many monthly active users do you currently have? 2 billion? Well the platform that your chatbot will be on has 2 billion. That’s right, Facebook Messenger is the main platform for any chatbot thanks to its enormous user base. The only thing you need to do is market your bot, which you had to do if you had an app anyway, except now instead of waiting for something to install, your users can just click on “message” and they are already in the conversation.

But what about push notifications?

Good news, with chatbots, your users can subscribe to notifications just like they would for a native app. When it’s day 2 of your meal plan, your bot will simply message your user, who is most likely on Facebook anyway, and away they go. Have motivational or inspirational quotes? Don’t worry, your chatbot will send one out everyday and receive feedback! Maybe your audience isn’t feeling motivated enough, now they have a channel to speak to. With an app, it’s a 1 way street (without the use of integrating a chat solution), but with a chatbot, it’s a two way communication path where you consistently nurture your audience, receiving feedback and analytical data that will save you time and money.

The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure. Chatbots are exactly like apps, except now your users can speak to you.

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