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KPacho Case Study


Increase in Catered Events


Increase in Sales


Return on Ad Spend

The Goal

Increase Incoming Catered Events

K. Pacho was looking to further increase their catered events to engage not only previous diners, but new customers as well.

The Execution

Use Video and Paid Media to target conversions

The execution was simple. We reverse engineered their target audience, and worked our way back to figure out what Creative pieces were needed as well as how to deliver these creative pieces via Paid Media.

Services Utilized

When it came to creating content for this campaign, the best content already existed, it just needed to be distributed to the right audience and with the right copy. Events like this have tons of pictures and videos associated, the difference is what’s the story behind the media, thats what makes content like this successful.

Interest targeting was short and sweet, we wanted to target the right age range as well as interest targeting that would fit this target demographic. As the weeks went on, the audience got thinner and thinner until we had the exact set that responded to the ad positively. From there, all the chips went in and cost of acquisition decreased with the new, well defined audience.

What’s a good campaign without the numbers to back up its success? We were able to trace the source of the traffic and pinpoint which channels were delivering better than others. On average there was a $2 difference between Google Ads and Social Ads, so the choice was obvious. This decreased the cost per lead, saving the client money that can be used elsewhere.

The Results

They practically got Paid to Market

The results speak for themselves. KPacho made their money back immediately, which meant that the rest of the campaign was straight profit. The only way this could have been achieved with such flexibility, was through Digital Marketing.

Turned $100 into $2000

Average return per lead

75% Converted Same Day

Delay between Impression and Conversion

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