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Social Marketing

KPacho Catered Events

  • Skills: Content Creation, Social Marketing, Paid Media, Programming, PPC, Analytics, SEO

  • Client: KPacho Mexican Restaurant

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01. The Scenario

What was needed

KPacho wanted to increase their catered events revenue for the year.

02. The Execution

What we did

Using video and existing event photos we were able to showcase Mitzvah events to a targeted audience set in the Jewish community surrounding a 10-15 mile radius of the venue. Our analysts we’re able to determine the right cost per conversion based on key metrics in the performance of each Ad.

Search Engine Optimization

We needed to put ourselves in the end consumers shoes. “If I was having a catered event for my child, what search terms would I use?”. We then ensured that these specific keywords were gaining enough volume using specific tools that measure Google and Bing’s search database.

Content Creation

We needed to create a post that was a thumb stopper. Since we were using Facebook’s detailed interest targeting to target middle aged consumers with children that would have catered events, we had to ensure the creative matched the audience.

Paid Marketing

In the year 2019, people just aren’t looking at magazines an newspapers anymore, in fact they are barely searching google for things when Social Ads are throwing themselves in their face as they are using the platforms that they spend the most time on. This is when we knew that this was the best way to reach this audience. So we built a custom audience that was appropriate for the objective at hand.

Analytics and Results

How exactly did we know if the campaign was working? We embedded special code using Facebook and Google’s partnership and were able to tell if a customer placed a phone call or inquired about an event in real time. Metrics like this didn’t exist before the era that we live in today. This made it easy to make adjustments to the ad instead of wasting ad spend.

03. The Results

What this actually did for them

KPacho saw an increase in their incoming catered events that was beyond their expectations.


Return in Dollars for every $1 spent

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