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Social Marketing

Saverio’s Weekly Specials

  • Skills: Branding, SMS Marketing, Alexa Skills, Content Creation, Engineering

  • Client: Saverio's Authentic Pizza Napoletana

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    case studies


01. The Scenario

What was needed

Every week, Sam would craft a new and exciting pizza for the customer of Saverio’s Pizza to enjoy, but they didn’t have a streamlined approach to relaying the new special every week to their customer base.

02. The Execution

What we did

We needed to deliver this message in a fun and engaging way to their customers. Since we are a tech agency as well, our engineers built solutions as well as custom applications to assist with this.

Alexa Skills

We built a custom Alexa Skill using Flash Briefings. Since there was no simple way to upload these every week, we built a custom Saas product that helped with the uploading and scheduling of the Flash Briefing.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing allowed Saverio’s Pizza to communicate with their audience in the most intimate way possible, and with a way that everyone was familiar with, SMS.

Content Creation

Flash Briefings give the capability to upload custom audio clips to the cloud for use with the Amazon Echo via an Alexa Skill. In order to do this, the audio must be edited and mastered for quality.


An Audio Footprint is an audio snippet such as the PC Richards jingle that distinguishes your brand from another. We integrated this jingle with the custom audio uploaded to their Flash Briefing for a truly Branded experience that would help customers distinguish the Saverio’s brand from their competitors.

03. The Results

What this actually did for them

Saverio’s noticed an immediate increase in the amount of weekly special orders since it was more convenient for their customers to see the latest special.

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