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Alexa Skills

The Refuge Alexa Skill

Alexa,  ?

01. Intro

What was needed

The Refuge was seeing a moderate amount of traffic for their events, but they wanted to boost them. We figured what better way then to push innovation in their niche?

02. The Brief

What we did

Since our web development team built the website that hosts the events, it was incredibly simple to integrate that same data source for Alexa to feed from.

Concept & Design

This was a fairly new concept for The Refuge since no one else was doing this in the restaurant space. We sat down with the client and imagined this through the eyes of the customers.


Our marketing team assisted with the launch, creating content based around the Alexa Skill. This made it quick and cost efficient for the client.


What’s the purpose of deploying a solution if you don’t measure the success of the campaign? Not only did we analyze the use of the skill, but we also can see if the skill had any issues so that customers never experienced down times.

03. The Results

How did we do?


Increase in event attendance