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How to utilize under priced Voice for genuine growth

So the next big thing is looking more and more like Voice. So how can you leverage this new thing to your advantage? Well have no fear, we’ve done the dirty work and have a few techniques you can take advantage of, whether you’re a business, brand, or even an influencer. We’ve provided ideas in this article, although you need to be technical in AWS.

1.) Tips in your Industry

Everyone has a niche. Are you one of the top influencers in that particular niche? Maybe you are, which makes this part easy. You simply provide value to your existing audience through audio form, similar to a podcast. Don’t worry if you aren’t, which the majority of the users reading this article will fall into. This is an opportunity for you to get in early as a a pioneer in your niche for Voice. Once users start relying on you for help with their every day questions, now you become one of the top influencers in your niche, the go to brand. For this particular skill, you’ll need experience in programming.

2.) Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes are everywhere. In fact they are one of the highest performing hashtags on Instagram. This also means that it’s a crowded space. So how do you stand out? Well this section can benefit both influencers and non Influencers. As an Influencer, you already have an audience, which means they already rely on you and consider you a reputable source of information. As a non Influencer, this is again a great opportunity to take advantage of how early Voice is at the moment. There are just over 30k skills in the Alexa store, imagine being one of the first 31k users on Instagram. Imagine your followers waking up to hear your voice as the first piece of information they consume. A prime example of how to start is the Cardi B Okurrr flash briefing:

  1. You don’t have to stick with only audio, if you already document your journey, just cut and extract the audio from the recordings and use that as daily content.
  2. You create a Flash Briefing from with these audio clips, and a link back to your blog post for traffic to your website.
  3. Measure your skill and compare daily unique users to times played, if you see the ratio is in favor of number of times played, that means you need more content, which is great because people enjoy your content and want more!

3.) Customer Information

Brick and Mortar business? No worries, you can also take advantage of Voice! You are now one step closer to the consumer, what are you going to tell them? Why not tell them your specials for the week for that particular night, or up coming events. Do you know how convenient it is when I can tell Pizza Hut to reorder my last order? Its priceless, and it provides the consumer with a quick, seamless experience. You can even provide simple answers to basic questions such as hours of operation.

Appointment based business? Connect an Alexa Skill with your current infrastructure and give customers the info they need to organize their day an guarantee a seamless experience for them to walk through your door.

Want to create a personal brand? Have your chef share tips on cooking with your customers, this leads to brand reputation, and leads to connections with customers that you would have never made when the chef is in the kitchen.

These are just a few examples of how voice can be game changing for your business or personal brand.

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