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What's RJ Media?

Finally, an easy way to scale your business.

We are your in-house Full Service asset for capturing any moment through Photo and Video, Marketing these moments through Social Media, and giving those same customers unforgettable experiences using Smart Technologies such as Alexa Skills, AR, and Mobile Apps to ensure customer retention.

Expand your Digital Reach

Media Production

Behind every great campaign is a killer creative. With our in house production teams to record and format media for any marketing campaign

Branding & Marketing Strategy

You can tell if a product is a Starbucks product by the color, branding, and quality. We establish your consistency across the internet to ensure your brand is what people remember.

Web & Mobile Development

It’s 2019, if your brand isn’t thinking about a mobile first solution such as an app or mobile ready website, then it will become irrelevant. We always build for mobile first experiences because that’s where the attention is.

Alexa Skills

The Amazon Echo is becoming an essential part of the consumers day, and its only the beginning. We are constantly on the bleeding edge of Voice Innovations, and we want the same for your brand.

Augmented Reality

With SnapChat Lenses, and Augmented Reality experiences taking the world by storm, there’s unlimited experiences that you could offer your customers.

Chatbots & AI

Chatbots are like your customers’ personal concierge, available 24/7 and can obtain information about your brand at any time.

Our Solutions

Efficiently build your brand
across any platform.

Social Marketing

Case Study

How this restaurant increased Catering Events by 300% with Social Marketing

K. Pacho Mexican Restaurant wanted to increase their catering events. We thought Social Media Marketing was the best approach to this. By combining Video with Paid Media, we were able to precisely target the right audience for conversions.


The Ad allowed K. Pacho to see an increase of 300% more catered events over the course of the summer. This paved the way for custom audiences that will now decrease their cost of re marketing to these converted individuals.

Increase in Catering Events


Dollars in return for every $1 spent

View your Brand Health live on our Client Dashboard

Sure other Digital Agencies share your performance reports at the end of your campaigns, after they groom them and make sure the numbers look right. With RJ Media, you get complete transparency. Login to your client dashboard any time, any where with our mobile app.

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